Air Gas Processor  

37.4 mol in a gallon of gas
37.4 mol/gal X 5300 KJ/mol = 198220 kJ/gal
198220 kJ/gal / 30 mi/gal = 6607.3 kj/mi

210.3 mols in a gallon of water
210.3 mol/gal X 286 kj/mol = 60145.8 kj/gal
60145.8 kj/gal / 30 mi/gal = 2004.86 kj/mil

210.3 mols in a gallon of water
210.3 mol/gal X 6505.2 kj/mol = 1368043.56 kj/gal
1368043.56 kj/gal / 30 mi/gal = 45601.452 kj/mil


this shows how Stanley Meyer technology really works in the real world. And to think this is not creating hydrogen and oxygen but forcing the ionized oxygen atoms to break the bonds of the water molecule apon a spark or heat ignition source.


This is what I get for gasoline:
(5080kJ/mol)(1gram/44.6kJ)(1L/800grams)(gal/3.785L)(30miles/gal)= 1.13 miles/mol.
It is only .0376gal. Also note I changed the energy content of gasoline to its real value 5300 kJ/mol was kinda on the high side. That 5080 kJ/mol is for 91 octane gasoline or in our case in the US supper unleaded. 

Now for hho:
(286 kJ/mol)(1g/15.89 kJ)(1L/1000g)(1gal/3.785L)= 0.00476gal/mol but we need 17.76 moles of hho to equal the energy content of gasoline so then 17.76(.00476gal/mol)= .0845 gallons of water that will need to be converted to travel the same distance.

Now with the GP/EEC plus atomized water:
(6505.2 kJ/mol)(1g/361.4 kJ)(1/1000)(1/3.785)= 0.00476gal/mol but now only .781 moles of the mixture is need to equal the energy content of gasoline so then .781(.00476gal/mol)= 0.00371 gallons of water needs to be atomized to go the same distance.

This is the power of the GP/EEC and note this is the worste case assuming no hydrogen is produced by the injectors. If you produce hydrogen then add in 1836 kJ/mol minus the energy used to create the gas. Also the numbers should be less for the energy to strip the oxygen atoms was not factored in nor was the energy to run the injectors, but it does give a good ballpark figure we can work with.


Now I was curious as to how this all holds up to Meyer's aproximently 22 gallons of water used to go from La, Ca., to Ny, NY (2,778 miles)and this is what I came up with:
It takes aproximently 92.6 gallons of gasoline to go the distance.
hho aproximently 208.2 gallons of water will have to be electrolized.
The Meyer mixture takes 9.2 gallons of water that will need to be atomized. 
So this means the missing numbers have an effect on the amount of water needed to be atomized to go the same distance for it should be around 22 gallons used or so. Again this is what the science I stumbled apon is showing me when I looked into just what the Gas Processor in conjuction with the electron extraction circuit was doing to the system as a whole.


So my nozzle/nozzles and pump will need to be rated at about 2GPH or about 126ml/min as a good starting point.
I like the built in filter on these.
Outside mount nozzles DevilsOwn Injection

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