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Many Hydrogen Hot Rod Home Builder Ask how to make Connection to concentric water fuel making cells.

Building Notes from the industry

A quick update on the electrical connection question I asked recently.

I've improvised a bit and below some pictures of how 
I will make the connections with the electrodes. I used m6 stainless all thread instead of combining 2 bolts back to back. 
The spring fits nicely in the screw hole on one side of the all thread (so I'll screw them in backwards). 

I hand tapped the holes in the 3D print of the 11 cell WFC base for m6 screws. Some watertight washers 'seal the deal'.

I found the components quite easily thanks to the industrious Dutch and their plethora of web shops. :) Links below for anyone in Europe looking for components.

Stainless springs: 
alcomex.nl  Pressure spring RVS ø 0,40x2,50x9,60 mm   - article number DR920

The stainless bolts
, allthread and washers: rvspaleis.nl
Cable socket: found on allekabels.nl

Hi y'all! 

Another update with some good news! It took quite some effort, but I finally managed to finish the 11 cell WFC. 

Since the 3D print of the blueprint design did not work as expected, I started from scratch with a cilinder (ø150mm)
 of POM-C material (see post above). I extruded the cavities holding the electrodes with a vertical drill. 

It was a bit tricky to get watertight everywhere, some O-rings (Ø=131mm, thickness=2.5mm) did the job eventually. The tube caps are 3D printed. 

The top cap is also POM-C material, the O-ring is cut to size with Ø3mm.

The electrodes are 316L stainless.


The provider was 'Salomons metals' in the Netherlands, and had them cut the inner and outer electrodes cut to size. Through a friend I had the inner electrodes tooled in a machine workshop. The exact measurements of the electrodes are as close as possible to Stan's...

Inner: Cilinder AISI-316L stainless Ø 12.70MM (1/2"), height: 102mm
Outer: Tube AISI-316L stainless  Ø19.05mm (.750'') with a tickness of 1.65mm (About 0.07mm ticker than Stan's based on the blueprint), height: 70mm.

The electrical connections: 

Stainless springs: Alcomex Pressure spring RVS ø 0,40x2,50x9,60 mm   - article number DR920 The stainless bolts, all thread and watertight washers: rvspaleis.nl
Cable socket: found onallekabels.nl

I had to make some adjustments on the bottom of the cell, as I, in an attempt to match the blueprint as  close as possible, extruded too much material for the holes to be watertight. So I had to glue some extra  material on top of each hole. Consequently, I need larger all threads to make the connections. So beware of
 not making this mistake if you decide to build it yourself this way. It was a bit of a mess at some point,  but I'm quite satisfied with the end result. Now to make this thing produce some gas...

Any remarks or suggestions are always welcome. If you want to build this thing and need some advice: feel free to ask. 


Last but not least, I'd like to thank everyone for all the info shared in this thread. I would not have been able to build this without your help. You guys rock!


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