Distributor ( Laser Distributor) Stanley Meyer

NO your Not Dreaming Meyers Tech is Real Secure Supplies Present the Laser Distributor.


Stan and Stephen Meyers where applying technology ahead of their time. One system which is pretty much standard on all care now is electroni ignition. There are many designs but now many using led/laser tech inside cap. I have made this page to increase the uptake of knowledge to show infect it is easy to connect these items to ECU's infact mast cars have this and Electronic accelerators already. The advantage by learning this way is you can connect the dots and see it can also be piggy backed in a basic way to drive solenoid and HV sparking for several varition of h2 injectors or water spilter injectors. the cold be as secondary injectors staged injectors or primary hydrogen on demand systems. Go get em boys and girls.



Ignition Models 

Opitcal Sensors for Extreme spark Stability 

Improves Engines life

Improved Engine Acceleration

Multi Spark operations

Up to 3 seperate sparks per compression stroke

Eash Spark can be individual timed

eliminated sporatic spark operations

Control Coil Saturation , or time coil is energized can be set tovalues  varying rmps.

Allowing coil to run cool at idel

And deliver high energy in the  higher rpm ranges.

Increased torque at low rmps

LED static timing indicator to allow easy install simpe and accurate

Sensor inputs allow for diferent advance curve and sensor states. 

Sensors can be anologue, contact or switch based 

Taco out put can be adjust to work on any engine

Record data of number of starts , and rmp ranges 

Has Saftey features to pre set and protect coil. 


Can control 2 diferent ingition advance curves idel for hydrogen tuning


Watch video bottom right for more





Stanley Meyer Distributer
Stanley Meyer Distributer

Stan had a card extension board that would plug into any card slot to allow the main card to be extended outside the box to tune any on board internal pots or adjustments.


Once the card was properly tuned and or adjusted the card was removed from the card extension and placed back into it's slot and the card extension was placed back into It's slot.


The card extension was designed for anyone of the cards to be removed and plugged into it and it still function outside the box.


We will not be using the card extension in our design. Nor will our boards plug into a back plate,


They will have plugs with extended wire in order to get the boards outside the box for adjustment.

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