How to Use this Hydrogen Hot Rodding Guide. 

We have re written this guide several times over the past 15 Years.

The current Training Guide has 2 Sections

Public Version 

A public release of training information for the new technology of Voltrolysis.

With a Index of the core categories relating to Hydrogen Hot Rodding

and making water fuels on demand using the Voltrolysis Technology.

It is Inviitd and expected that with this nw found knowledge ,you kindly down load all information cut and past it  into coarses for colleges and schools and those in training.   It is important to start building and sharing the technology to the world and in our Hot Rod Builds.  If you would like to Help Turn the Indea Pages that are public into Pdf we invite that.   PLease Share back to us what you create.

Build your Hydrogen Hot Rod 

Vault Version 

A Non public  Data Vault of Technologies, Builder History , more in depth circuit  training and historic electronic or design information for the new technology of Voltrolysis.  Think of it as the DOS For Windows Training. 

Not Neded unless your a developing or wanting to research it in depth

and at length. Or wanting Rare and Pricey Technology.

With a Index of the core categories relating to Fusion, Liquid and Gasous Metals.

electronic parts and  historoics data store on seveeral sections of Exotic Renewable Power and Gas technologies.  We are currently filtering it in to member ship tiers, thee moree rar and exotic and powerful the more you pay to access it. 


Some Examples Fusion Reactors, EPG, Looping Fuel Cell , Ammonia Voltrolysis ,Methonal Voltrrolysis.Nano Bubble Tchnologies. Please the The Vault Page fo the Index which will be put there soon with Member level access reequired  indicated per item. Combustion Tesla Turbine, Heat to Power And Heat to Cold Technologies. Radiant 3000c H2 Gas Heaters.

Solid State Magnetic Battery never needs recharge.       


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Member Knowledge VAULT 

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