Ionizing Basics for Air flows. 


This page is so you start to think about Air Space Ions Gas Types and ion effects and 

Water Space and Ions and their flow through water and Air. 


It covers Ion techniques ionisers, magnetisuim from electrodes and Ion flows across media air/gas/water

 both mixed and pulsed with and without ion turbulance

these are all things Stan learn when applying  tech.


BAsically we are Target the Gases we want to use in our Fuel. 


We Excite the Gas with Light (led ) Laser Diode.  We can now focus in more then stan did on the NM obsoption wave length, he detailed the method. And Technology for laser chemistry has advanced further in the ast 20 years. 


We excite the gas first to energise it in the intake air stream,  We cen than exposure to the Corona Discharge in the gas processor to futher excite and destablize the gas and electrons.  We Than pluck off the Electrons to make it positive charged and highly energise and unstable ready to bod or react ewith explosive when entering and igniting in the cyclinder. 


For the Light and Laser nm Component info for each gas please see those pages on this website.


Oxygen Laser


Hydrogen Laser


Nitrogen Laser


The Following information details how to ionised better and what basic info and options we should know and use to our advantage. 

The Turbulane and distance the gas will carry its new ionisation is very important to understand as we need it to stay unstable unti it enteres the cylinder for ignition.  


Preffered Method is DC as we have more control of the +/- ion charges that are send to gas chmber.



Light injection system under vacuum is interesting, if it was on both the air intake and h2 unit as it will make n2 n1 and h2 h1

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