Stanley Meyers Multi VIC Arrays

Apparently, the connection "in parallel" is preferably, but you must
 try "two ways".

Edward Mitchell's Website:

Edward Mitchell's Two Big bobbins in oil:
My Circuit diagram:

Copper wire:

 High voltage Teflon insulation tape - Russia's Military production,
 60 ?V/mm. (One Layer 0,08 mm. = 4,8 kV):
 (Here, I use two layers - 0,16 mm. = 9,6 kV)


Stanley Meyer's Memo WFC 420:

In Memo WFC 420 (Page 1-3) Stanley Meyer say:
"Voltage intensity or level across Excitor-Array (ER) can exceed 20,000 volts"
. Stanley Meyer's Memo WFC 426:

In Memo WFC 426 (Page 7-1) Stanley Meyer say: "The "mode-of-operability"
of VIC Coil Assembly allows Voltage Potential of opposite voltage polarity
 to increase and be attenuated up to and beyond
 20 Kilovolts while inhibiting and restricting amp leakage
 in the milliamperes range ..." Canadian Patent 2,067,735:

 In Canadian Patent 2,067,735 Stanley Meyer say:
 "Ionized air gases and non-combustible gases,
introduced through nozzles 2A1 and 3A1,
 are intermixed with the expelling water mist to form

a fuel-mixture which enters into voltage zone 6 where
the mixture is exposed to a pulsating, unipolar high intensity
 voltage field (typically 20,000 volts at 50 KHz or
above at the resonant condition in which current flow
in the circuit [amps] is reduced to a minimum),
created between electrodes 7 and 8." Stanley Meyer's
 In Memo WFC 425 (Page 6-2) Stanley Meyer say:

"All activation points (E9a - b - c - d) performing
their respective functions in sequential order in an
 instant of time since applied voltage level of intensity
(typically 20,000 input volts or so) can be extended or
 increased up to and beyond 90,000 volts range within
 a millisecond or less".

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