SMeyer-CA1213671A1-Electrical_Particle_Generator V3


SMeyer-CA1227094A1-Hydrogen_Air___Non-Combustible_Gas_Mixing_Combustion_System V3


SMeyer-CA1228833A1-Gas_Electrical_Hydrogen_Generator V3


SMeyer-CA1231872A1-Hydrogen_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-CA1233379A1-Hydrogen_Gas_Injection_for_Internal_Combustion_Engine V3


SMeyer-CA1234773A1-Resonant_Cavity_Hydrogen_Generator_That_Operates_with_a_Pulsed_Voltage_Electrical_Potential V3


SMeyer-CA1234774A1-Hydrogen_Generator_System V3


SMeyer-CA1235669A1-Controlled_Hydrogen_Gas_Flame V3


SMeyer-CA2067735A1-Water_Fuel_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-EP0086439A1-Hydrogen_Gas_Injection_System_for_Internal_Combustion_Engine V3


SMeyer-EP0086439B1-Hydrogen_Gas_Injection_System_for_Internal_Combustion_Engine V3


SMeyer-EP0098897A2-Electrical_Generator_Utilizing_Magnetized_Particles V3


SMeyer-EP0098897A3-Electrical_Generator_Utilizing_Magnetized_Particles V3


SMeyer-EP0101761A2-Controlled_Hydrogen_Gas_Flame V3


SMeyer-EP0101761A3-Controlled_Hydrogen_Gas_Flame V3


SMeyer-EP0101761B1-Controlled_Hydrogen_Gas_Flame V3


SMeyer-EP0103656A2-Resonant_Cavity_for_a_Hydrogen_Generator V2


SMeyer-EP0103656A2-Resonant_Cavity_for_a_Hydrogen_Generator V4


SMeyer-EP0103656A3-Resonant_Cavity_for_a_Hydrogen_Generator V3


SMeyer-EP0106917A1-Gas_Electrical_Hydrogen_Generator V3


SMeyer-EP0111573A1-Hydrogen_Generator_System V3


SMeyer-EP0111574A1-Hydrogen_Aeration_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-EP0111574B1-Hydrogen_Aeration_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-EP0122472A2-Hydrogen_Aeration_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-EP0122472A3-Hydrogen_Aeration_Injection_System V3


SMeyer-US4389981-Hydrogen_Gas_Injector_System_For_Internal_Combustion_Engine V3


SMeyer-US4421474-Hydrogen_Gas_Burner V3


SMeyer-US4465455-StartUp_ShutDown_For_A_Hydrogen_Gas_Burner V3


SMeyer-US4613304-Gas_Electrical_Hydrogen_Generator V3


SMeyer-US4613779-Electrical_Pulse_Generator V2


SMeyer-US4613779-Electrical_Pulse_Generator V3


SMeyer-US4798661-Gas_Generator_Voltage_Control_Circuit V3


SMeyer-US4826581-Controlled_Process_For_The_Production_Of_Thermal_Energy_From_Gases_And_Apparatus_Useful_Therefore V3


SMeyer-US4936961-Method_For_The_Production_Of_A_Fuel_Gas V3


SMeyer-US5149407-Process___Apparatus_For_The_Production_Of_Fuel_Gas___The_Enhanced_Release_Of_Thermal_Energy_From_Such_Gas V3


SMeyer-US5293857A-Hydrogen_Gas_Fuel_And_Management_System_For_An_Internal_Combustion_Engine_Utilizing_Hydrogen_Gas_Fuel V3


SMeyer-WO8901464A3-Controlled_Process_for_the_Production_of_Thermal_Energy_from_Gases_and_Apparatus_Useful_Therefor V3



this fine indexing work was done by 


A Forum Member and Well Known You tuber Scarou  he said the following.


knew that one day or the other I would have to analyze all the patents of Stanley MEYER in order to establish a chronological classification of the technologies that he used over time.


Faced with the difficulty of the task, I decided to optimize my work tools by scanning documents (OCR) in order to be able to perform keyword searches on all patents.


So I reworked each document one by one, cleaning up the traces that hindered reading. I then applied a character recognition that I checked at best (there are probably some errors that I have not yet detected)


I was able to carry out the chronological analysis that I wanted and in return obtained a much more thorough understanding of the different techniques used by Stanley MEYER over the years.


The processing of these documents was a colossal task and I hope that the result will benefit the maximum of us. I have no doubt that many of you will be able to make use of this tool as I have done and will soon reach the same conclusions as myself or even more successful conclusions.



The restitution of my personal analysis is not entirely finished at the present time, but during this Christmas period, I wanted to share with you this fantastic tool.



For an optimum use of search by keywords:
- Save all documents in a unique folder.
- Open Adobe reader (or like) 
- Make an advanced search ( Ctrl + Shift + F)
- Select "in all documents in..." (Choose the folder where you have saved all the documents)
- Then type in the search field your key words. (Do not hesitate to make small variations in key words)
- Enjoy the useful result ! BY  Scarou

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